Have you been wondering what's new coming down the pipeline for Samurai Zero? Well look no further! Samurai Zero: Patch 0.3 Rising Moon is our biggest update to Samurai Zero since our playtest last year. This time, we are ready to showcase the full vision of Samurai Zero! New Samurai, New Map, New Modes and New Systems! But first, check out the update trailer we premiered at the 2022 OTK Games Expo:

New Samurai: Luna

While Luna gave her first little teaser in the announcement trailer, she is no long hiding in the shadows. Radiant with the moonlight, Luna introduces herself as an offensive support hybrid, able to heal allies and bring the fight to the enemy.

Learn more about Luna on her Samurai page.

New Map: Tower

We are bringing a huge change in scenery as you will now be able to fight in a skyscraper of Trickster's Refuge. The office of the Zerikoi family is now accessible, and holds many secrets.

Learn about the brand new map with our new blog post.

New Game Mode: Elimination

You asked, we answered! Our first team based game modes are now ready to be tried! From our internal testing, 3v3 felt like a good start, but who knows in the future what might be possible. Enjoy a team focused game mode with Elimination.

New Feature System: Tactics

Played Samurai Zero and felt like it was missing just one thing? Well, Tactics might be it? Tactics is our brand new gameplay system that allows players to modify their Samurai in between rounds, creating their own special playstyle.

Balance Pass

We have overhauled a lot of the core mechanics of Samurai Zero and did a balance pass on Ryder after gathering data from last year's playtest. Some very interesting mechanics have been added and adjusted, so worth taking a look.

Review our extensive list of patch notes here.