Welcome, Samurai

A huge thank you and welcome from all of us on the Neo Interactive team -  we are incredibly happy to see your support and readiness to playtest  Samurai Zero! So with that, we are excited to announce Samurai Zero's  first multiplayer playtest weekend will run from June 25th 12:00pm EST - June 28th 11:59 EST!

If you haven't signed up to be a playtester yet, head on over to our Steam store page and click the green Request Access button.


Two things before we dig in a little deeper of what you can expect during this playtest:

The  first is that Since Samurai Zero does not have in-game text or voice  chat at this time, we encourage everyone who wants to playtest to join our Discord community!  We have an entire section dedicated to this playtest with channels  dedicated for feedback, bug reports, clips, general playtest discussion,  and a number of playtester lobbies to share with friends.

Keep  in mind this build is the Multiplayer Technical Test Build - not an  Alpha - if you see bugs anywhere in the build please submit a detailed  description of the bug and what caused it so we can add it to our bug  list. Please use the #bug-reports channel in Discord for these reports -  or in THIS thread in the Steam Discussions. The more detailed the better, and including a clip would be a huge help as well.


In  this playtest you will have access to our first game mode - Duel - a  best-of-5, 1v1 intimate duel to the death in a small, ever-changing  environment.

To showcase Duel, you will be diving into the map  Blazing Cliffs. Set inside of a volcano, Blazing Cliffs offers a dynamic  map experience as players duel with lava slowly rising and eliminating  areas of the map. Careful map awareness could mean the difference  between a decisive victory or a fiery end.

Our Focus

We are testing two things with this build:

1) How the community feels about the combat and gameplay loop
2) Our multiplayer infrastructure scalability

These are the key areas we are looking for feedback on.
This can range from "Ryder's attack feels slow" to "Duel should have a 5:00 min round timer" - things like that.

Social Media & Content Creation

For  everyone, if you tweet any clips or screenshots during your playtest,  be sure to tag @PlaySamuraiZero and we'll be retweeting them all  weekend.

For our Content Creators in the community, you have  complete freedom to stream, record, share on social media, etc. without  limits. We just kindly ask that you mark your videos/streams under the  Samurai Zero game on your respective platforms - it really helps us out.

If  you need logos for Neo Interactive or Samurai Zero for your thumbnails,  you can find them over in the #content-creators channel on Discord. If  you need a Content Creator role still, send a Moderator a DM with your  channel/stream – we don’t care how big or small you are, it’s just so we  can note it down.

Feedback Survey

The  final day of the playtest we will be releasing a survey that we wish  you all would complete that will give us a more complete picture of each  of your experiences. We will factor this data together and ultimately  make Samurai Zero a better game because of it.