Hey everyone!

Getting a build prepared for our Patreon backers as soon as possible was a big priority for the dev team the past few months, and we're happy to announce that tomorrow, July 22, 2022, that day has come!

So let's dive in a little deeper as to what all of this means for you:

Like every early playtest we've done in the past, access will be given to Patreon backers who have supported a combined total of $40 or more since becoming a backer.

Those who qualify will receive a Steam Key for Samurai Zero as well as an access code to unlock the Patreon branch that you will use for playtesting. Oh, I forgot to mention, this is not just a weekend playtest - The Patreon branch of Samurai Zero will remain active and receive updates after we're finished internally testing as we continue development.

Please be patient if you haven't received your Steam Key yet, this is a manual process that we do for now and is facilitated by 0NEGUY#1111 on Discord. Every month we'll be taking a look at our backers and see if any new people qualify for access and send them their keys.

I think this is a great time to mention our Discord server for any of our backers who aren't already in there! You get more frequent updates on development and private channels just for Patrons who want to chat about the game, find people to play with, or get assistance direct from us devs. We strongly encourage joining if you plan on playtesting. The invite link should be located within your Patreon settings.

Many of you already have your keys from last time, but I see we have plenty of new people joining in this time around. If you are in our Discord, you will receive a DM from 0NEGUY#1111 with your keys. If you aren't you'll receive them via Patreon Direct Messages If you need assistance please post in the #patreon-helpdesk channel.

I will begin sending out keys tomorrow morning around 9:00am EST.

At 12:00pm EST (Noon) the Patreon beta branch code will be posted in Discord.

After you have downloaded the Patreon branch, feel free to post in #patreon-lfg to coordinate with people looking to play.

There is so many updates and changes from the last time we held a Patreon playtest that we can't fit it all into this post alone. Check out all the changes over at: https://news.samuraizero.com/rising-moon-patch-notes/ . On top of that we have even more updates that you'll see during your playtesting. Look out for a new video from Ethos tomorrow highlighting that.

One more thing: You are allowed to freely share your thoughts, clips, or even stream your play sessions with the Samurai Zero Patreon branch. All that we ask is that you give us your feedback in our Discord - we're trying to make Samurai Zero the best it can be and that starts with honest feedback from our community.


- The Samurai Zero Dev Team -